We Are Creative

We are a small team of really passionate and creative people. Our main goal at Cokoon Games is to make people enjoy with our games. We love creating entertainment for everybody, everywhere.

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How many Logos can you recognize?
Check it out with this entertaining game trying to guess the most famous brands & logos.


How well do you know our world?
FlagsQuiz is game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of flags.


Do you enjoy with big sports events?
Demonstrate your knowledge about the Sports world with this fun game!

We love creating games

Our games are designed by creative & talented people to enjoy.

Top video games publisher

Cokoon Games has experience publishing games that reached the Top1 in the most competitive App Stores around the world. LogosQuiz, has been played for more than 40,000,000 people.

First class Art

Art is the core of a gaming project. If the idea and gameplay is the brain, Art is the heart.
That's why we have a first class artist working with us designing all the wonderful worlds and characters of the new games.

Stay tuned

Visit our blog and don't miss anything about what's happening on Cokoon Games. We will be publishing news about our existing games, about what are we working now and team thoughts on the future of our projects.