About Our Company

At Cokoon Games, we are a small team of talented and really passionate people. Our headquarters, is an awesome place to work and it is where we spent the most part of the time.

We love what we do and where we do it.



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About Cokoon Games

Who we are

Our headquarters in Pamplona is full of talent, creativity, culture and most importantly, fun. We are all young people who grow up playing the best games of the 90's. Our goal is to make people enjoy as we did in those days.

Our chill out spaces are the perfect places to relax or brainstorm new ideas. The AticoD Arcade machine is a good way to relax from work and to think in new projects!

Coming Soon...

Red Eye Cedric™


Litel Pink Eye™


Tzuki Mom™


Meet the Team

Three talented and passionate people to rule them all.
Javier, the brain. Almu, the heart. Miguel the vision.